Hay Day Cheats iPhone Hack 2013


Get back to nature and experience the peaceful, simple life of working the land and rearing chickens, pigs, cows and sheep.
Make a name for yourself by harvesting crops and building bakeries, sugar mills and dairies that turn your fresh produce into wholesome goods you can trade with your friends at your very own Farmer’s Market.
· Produce delicious food using natural ingredients from your very own farm
· Buy and sell your healthy, farm-fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market
· Raise and care for funny farm animals with quirky personalities!
· Plant and harvest different crops
· Beautiful animations and sounds. Your farm really feels alive!
· Retina optimized for the new iPad
· Easy, fun touch gestures that mimic real farming activities
· Play and trade with your friends on Game Center and Facebook
About our hack
With the recent release of our Hay Day cheats you’ll be able to enjoy all the free coins and diamonds in Hay Day without jailbreak! Why spend another dime in Hay Day to get coins and diamonds when you can get them free! Within a couple moments you’ll have all the diamonds and coins you will need added right to your account to have the best farm. Our Hay Day cheats are distinct versus others; you won’t need to be jailbroken to use our cheats. You won’t have to pay a dime, either! Follow the simple tutorial available here to enjoy our cheats. We’ve implemented many unique features inside of our cheats, including getting free coins and diamonds. One of the minor but important features implemented is the fact that you are not vulnerable to any bans or penalizations in game and access to enjoy all of our cheats without jailbreak!
Can I get banned or penalized by using the cheats for Hay Day?
Fortunately for you, the user, you will not be banned or penalized. The entire process happens on our server which will prevent all bans.
How long does it take for the diamonds and coins to get added to my farm?
Normally it takes under 30 seconds on a normal day to get the coins and diamonds added, otherwise, it may take a minute or two to fully process.
Does my device have to be jailbroken or rooted?
As noted earlier, the cheats take place on our server so unlike many other Hay Day cheats, you will not need to be jailbroken or rooted.
Is it possible to use Hay Day Hacker more than once?
Yes, no limits have been placed as of today so you can regenerate your resources however many times you want!
Why do I need to complete a survey?
In order to keep our cheats completely free and unpatched, you must complete a short survey to download the Hay Day cheats.
Can I get hacked or a virus by downloading the hack?
The cheats have been scanned and proven clean by several virus protection services!
Hay Day Cheats Features:
— Generate Free Coins and Diamonds
— No Jailbreak or Root Required
— Ban and Penalization Prevention System
Hay Day Hack Proof:
How to Download!
strong>1. Complete 1 free offer ( accept PIN SMS or complete free survey with real data)–>
2. Wait for crediting offer
3. If the offer is not crediting – try another one
4. Clear cookies if every offer don’t want to credit
5. Download the file after completing offer 



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